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To all photographers out there!

THE 5th ANNUAL RIVER CITY FESTIVAL OF THE ARTS in Rowlesburg, WV will present a photographic art exhibition and contest this year. The festival takes place over MEMORIAL DAY Weekend/Friday, Saturday & Sunday/May 25, 26 & 27, 2012 at the Szilagyi Center for the Performing Arts in Rowlesburg. The exhibit/contest is open to all West Virginia photographers, amateurs and professionals alike. This year there will be no categories or restrictions on subject matter. Cash prizes: $200 first place, $100 second place and $75 third place will be awarded at the Rowlesburg Area Historical Society Banquet. The banquet will be held at the Christ United Methodist Church, Saturday, May 26th at 5:00 pm and all are encouraged to attend.
Requirement: photographs must have been taken within the past 18 months.
Size: minimum of 10X12 inches and a maximum of 11X14 inches.
Preparation: dry-mount on black, heavy photo card stock and add on the back the date taken, where the photo was taken, the photographer’s name & contact information
Deadline: submit no later than May 1st to Tim Weaver, Tourism Commissioner. Drop off pictures for the contest at the Szilagyi Center any Satur-day or Sunday, or mail to Tim Weaver, PO Box 352, Rowlesburg, WV 26425.
Note: photographs will be returned to photographers or representatives claiming them in person after the exhibit is taken down on Sunday af-ternoon, May 27th.
For more information contact Tim Weaver at 978-270-3847, or email wtcweaver@yahoo.com.

The Dean Family and Friends are having their annual “Basket Bingo” Sunday, April 22 at 2PM.
The Rowlesburg Volunteer Ambulance is once again hosting with the doors opening at 1PM.
Tickets may be purchased at the door for a donation of $10.00 per ticket.
All proceeds go to the American Cancer Society.
This is an excellent way to spend some time and have lots of fun.


On Tuesday, March 6, there was a reception at the Marriott Hotel in Charleston for those concerned citizens in Preston County who came to promote our county’s benefits, tourism and economic development. While there, RRC representatives met with Preston County delegates and delegates from surround-ing counties, Ms. Natalie Tennant, the Secretary of State, and other officials.

Wednesday morning, Jewel Reed, our RRC member in Charleston, arrived early at the capitol and secured the very best location in the East Wing for our display. We were bombarded with people who stopped by and asked questions. One of the first to stop was Senator Charles Fel-ton, retired. He spent time with us and introduced us to the other legislators as they exited their offices and the Chamber. As always Chuck was invaluable to us.

Those who stopped by our exhibit were interested in:
The Chestnut Festival—many did not know about it, they took brochures and said they planned to attend this year.
The River City Festival—They did not know about this either. They took Brochures and suggested they would like to attend.
The WW II Museum—The two mannequin busts we displayed attracted a lot of attention. Several people said they had groups they would like to bring to Rowlesburg and may come by bus. School teachers spoke of coming for a field day (something we have been trying to promote). Veterans were impressed and glad to know about the museum. They plan to visit in the future.
RRC member, Shirley Hartley and Jewel Reed attended a meeting with Preston County Legislative Delegates, they answered many questions for the county citizens present.

The RRC Delegation met with a Representative Department of Highways and was advised that there were definitely plans in the works to widen the Manheim road. It is on the drawing board and has a high priority. Apparently citizens have been effective making their concerns known about the dangers on this road. Keep the pressure on with your letters and phone calls.

Concerning building a bridge—the D.O.H. Representative said it would have to be built above the flood plain and there would need to be on ramps built on Rt. 72. The D.O.H. engineers have advised that this is not feasible. Shirley Harltey also met with a Repre-sentative the Tourism Division. The Tourism Secretary, Betty Carver told the group that one of her most enjoyable visits around the state was to Rowlesburg, memorable for a rich Civil War History, the Cannon Hill Civil War Site and the Szilagyi Center which houses the wonderful WW II Museum. She was not aware of the sports museums. We told her about the coming new additions including our handicap accessibility. She thought this was a great for us. She had nothing but kind, encouraging words for our community.

We put in requests for more funding, but the story seems to be that funds are tight right now and there may not be any great amounts put out this year, however, we will keep trying.

Also the Preston County Citizens Group was recognized in both the Senate and the House.
The trip was worthwhile and Rowlesburg groups should plan to attend next year.
Watch for the announcement which will be in either the third or fourth week of February.

RRC in Charleston

Museum Display in Charleston


Susan Ramey of Ridgetop Pottery will be teaching a pottery class on Saturday, April 21, from 9 a.m. to noon. in the Art Studio in the Szilagyi Center. This month's project is a hand-built pinch-pot ikebana vase. There will be a follow-up class in May to arrange flowers in your finished vase. For cost for the two sessions including flowers as well as the materials for making the vase. Contact Susan at 304-288-0832 or susan@ridgetoppottery.com for information or registration.


They still have a few raffle tickets left for the Lifetime Hunting and fishing License or if you don’t fish or hunt you may win $800 in cash!

Hurry and purchase yours from a fireman. Tickets are $2 each or 3 for $5. Drawing to be held April 15th.

The first Mud Bog of the season will be held Sunday, April 15th.

Registration will begin at 1PM with the race at 3PM. If you would like to come and watch general admission is only $5.00.

Additional mud bogs have been scheduled for June 10 and September 2nd.

The Rowlesburg Volunteer Fire Department encourages you to come and join in the festivities. Food will be available.

Submitted by Autumn Sheets

Laws are partly formed for the sake of good men, in order to instruct them how they may live on friendly terms with one another, and partly for the sake of those who refuse to be instructed, whose spirit cannot be subdued, or softened, or hindered from plunging into evil.


The Annual P.T.O. Dinner held on March 10th was a huge success. The food was as usual very good. The winners Cathern and Steve Reeves, Joe and Chris Dean, and Carolyn Riggs divided the grand prize. Mary Riley, Howard and Amy Durr, Jared and Melissa Brewer each won a $35.00 prize.

Items chanced off were won by the following people:
last chance ticket-Carolyn Riggs,
Winerack-Mike Haller,
First 50/50-Eungene Wilt,
Second 50/50-June Friend,
Sassafras Table-Lisa Harman, and
25 Tons of gravel-Nila Lipscomb.


CHEST - Mike Strawser

FRUIT BOWL - Don Riggs

CLOCK – Mary Riley

MAGAZINE RACK - Nila Lipscomb


CAKE STAND - Sarah Riggs

CUTTING BOARD - Dan Lipscomb

ROCK CANDLE - Anna Henline

KEY HOOK BOARD - Cindy McCrobie

submitted by Kim Felton

Beauty Salon owned and operated by Debbie Turner is open for appointments on Saturdays and evenings.
For appointment call 304-454-9330

Sunshine Gifts will be having a Spring Fling with lots of gifts to match any occasion.
Watch for flyers around time announcing dates and time.

Group will meet at Christ United Methodist Church for a luncheon meeting.
Feature items made with antique post office mail boxes, rock candles and other novelties. Contact Bill Simmons @304-454-9404


The Rowlesburg High School Class of 1977 would like to challenge any and all graduating classes to make a $75.00 dona-tion to the Rowlesburg Revitalization Committee for the pur-pose of upgrading the fire safety equipment in the Szilagyi Center (the old Rowlesburg High School).

Your contribution is tax de-ductible. It would be greatly appreciated by all.

Please send all donations to the RRC, P.O. Box 38, Rowlesburg, WV 26425. On your check in the memo section please print fire safety donation from the class of____. RRC will furnish a receipt.

We would like to thank you in advance.





For the events calendar, please click here.

5th Annual River city Festival of the Arts
May 25,26,27, 2012

DE’ JA’ VU’ Band premiers in Rowlesburg May 25, 2012
The 5th Annual River City Festival will have its Grand Opening with DE’ JA’ VU’ Band on May 25, 2012, Friday Evening, 6:30PM in SC/ OLD RHS Auditorium, Rowlesburg, WV. This exciting band will perform popular songs from 50’, 60s’ 70s’ and 80’s. You can look forward to songs such as “Stand by Me,” “Rock Around the Clock,””My Way,” “Pretty Women,” and many more.
Come prepared for an evening of fun, dancing, instrumental and vocal music, finger food, punch and soft drinks. Wine toasts will be made to the RHS Class of 1962 and spe-cial toasts to Alums from Ten original Preston County High Schools will be featured. Darrell Dean, PhD, will give the welcome. Wine is by courtesy of Dominick and Sandy Marrara. Donation $15.00. Advanced tickets: Preston Chamber, Shirley Hartley, 304-329-1240, Kathleen Orescanin, 304-454-9232. For more information call Anna Nassif, RCF ChaIrperson, 608-354-9366, George Nassif, 304-454-9785. See websites: rowlesburg.info, rowlesburg.org, rowlesbugguide.com.

Gala Celebration Cabaret Style Evening of Jazz
May 26, 2012

Join us at the 5th Annual River City Festival of the Arts for a 7:30PM, Saturday, May 26. 2012 for a Gala Celebration Cab-aret Style evening of Jazz with Thomas H. Nassif and Players-Jazz instrumental and vocal. Appetizers and wine toasts and more will be offered along with a special poetic tribute to Irene McKinney, WV Poet Laureat and impromptu Dancing in the Szylagi Center/OLD RHS Auditorium, Rowlesburg, WV. Composer, jazz pianist, vocalist and video artist Thomas Harttung Nassif created video documentaries for the Na-tional Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and Ameri-can Chestnut Foundation and composed an original musical score for a feature length, independent film.,” Amateur Hour,” incorporating elements of jazz and classical music. Thomas was awarded two grants from the Washington D.C. Commission on the Arts and Humanities for his work in multimedia performance-Young Artists Grant (2003) and Small Projects Grant (2002) which supported his creation of “Arabesque Rising,” a collaborative art project assimilating mu-sic, sculpture and video to explore ancient civilization and legends of the Middle East. Donation $10.00. For more information on the festival and for tickets: call Preston Chamber of Commerce or call 304-454-9786, 304-454-9232, 304-329-1240.
email: annarnas@aol.com. See rowlesburg.info, rowlesburg.org, rowlesbugguide.com.
Submitted by Anna R. Nassif

The first pottery class of the year was held Saturday, March 24 at the Szilagyi Center, in Rowlesburg. Come make a woven ceramic basket (sample photo below, although each person makes a beautifully unique piece). The class is from 9 am to 12 noon. Cost: $30
Pottery Basket


The two chairlifts will be installed within the next week or so.

As you know, the total for the lifts is $64,605. We have $50,000 from WV Community Participation grant, $9,600 from USDA grant and the final 10% ($5,005) must come from RRC's general fund. That's a requirement from the state.

If we take it from the account, it will deplete the account, including that set aside for another ATV & that still remaining in the art studio grant.

I'm asking that anyone who would like to contribute to the 10% match please send your check to Shirley.

Katie Orescanin


Sometimes it seems as if we are two separate towns instead of one consolidated municipality.

Actually it is a thriving part of our town. With the school being at the center and various businesses around that part of Rowlesburg!

We have at least four businesses in Manheim, one we are all familiar with, “Cheat River Limestone”, then we have one some of you will know, “Black Bear Construction”, ladies know “Selective Styles”, then a few know “Sunshine Gifts” and “CPR – First Aid training with hands on training by Pam Robbins.

If I have missed any please let me know!



The Etam Eagles 4-H Club held their monthly meeting on March 4, at 4:30pm at the Rowlesburg Community Building. C. J. Felton called the meeting to order.

The Pledge of Allegiance and the 4-H Pledge were given.

Megan Riley read minutes of the February meeting and took roll call.

The treasurer's report was given by Troy Barrett.

A devotion was read by Troy and Ashley Bell read a funny fact.

The meeting was under way with a review of old business. This included the Elimination Dinner on April 28 at the 4-H camp. Doors open at 5:00pm.Tickets can be purchased from Crystal Dean or call 454-9698.

There will be 50/50 drawings. and basket auctions. All proceeds will be used in the up-keep of the camp facilities.

The Lock-in ,during the month of February was great fun shared by all. Club members were ready to set date for another soon.

Under new business, the club dis-cussed the upcoming county 4-H Days in June, The Farm Safety Day at the 4-H camp. The Flag pole replacement project. A report was given by Brett Sanders on the livestock meeting on March 1.

A motion was made to adjourn meeting, then seconded by Ashley Bell.

After business was concluded, a workshop was completed on the Activity Record Sheet which must accompany all projects.

Many thanks for the refreshments, which were provided by Wally and Autumn Sheets. The members all agreed the green pudding was great after all. since St. Patricks Day was the theme of the party. Reporting to you, Mark Riley from the Etam Eagles news desk


The Upper Cheat Crime Watch had its monthly meeting on Wednes-day, March 7, 2012 in the Rowlesburg Community Building. We were happy to have several guests in attendance.

Debbie Taylor, who is an advo-cate for victims of crime (which in-cludes domestic and sexual abuse) was our principal speaker. She gave a comprehensive explanation of the Victims of Crime Act and outlined the history of the legislation. She then proceeded to give information of the recourse offered crime victims, the rights of victims during the course of the legal proceedings, and procedures for collecting restitution when it is involved. Debbie's talk was very informative and revealed an important service which many people are not aware of.

Additional guests included Dan Loughrie and Rich McRobie , who are competing for the office of Preston County Sheriff. Both men outlined their qualifications and experience and fielded questions from the audience. The need for maximized training for law enforcement officers was discussed and the issue of in-creased police visibility was raised. Preston County Prosecutor Mel Snyder was also present and stressed that law enforcement should be a county priority and appealing incen-tives should be presented to encour-age law enforcement officers throughout the county. This evening was our most successful meeting so far this year.

Our next meeting will be Wednesday April 4, 2012 Speaker will be Officer Thomas Mitter, in the Rowlesburg Community Building. As always, the public is cordially invited to attend.

Submitted by Bruce Simon , Secretary


Robert Sypolt reported on the Leadership School for Officers. Rules and regulations were studied at this time. Technology is bringing the clubs into the 21st century in that some reports are now online.

State Convention will be May 4,5 & 6.

Trees will be delivered on April 1st each club is to pick their trees up for planting soon as spring arrives.

To obtain club recognition for donations, reports must be turned in on the proper forms by May 1. The forms for planting of trees should also be turned in by May 1. Send in reports on activity on fund raising along with the other forms.

Dave Michelson spoke on redis-tricting of the zones. Membership in the Lions has gone down in other zones making redistricting necessary. Rowlesburg and other clubs in this zone are fine at this time but should be looking to add members. He suggested recruiting within families. This would bring in the next generation into membership to insure the life of the clubs and therefore the zone.

Lions Club members are encour-aged to join in the litter pickup inRowlesburg at 4PM Saturday April 21st. Bonnie and Bob Hemerick will be lead on this project.

Dignity consists not in possessing honors, but in the consciousness that we deserve them.



A prescribed age you are required to be
Before you're allowed to interact with me
Before my curfew takes effect tonight
I will have disappeared from your sight
Through my upper surface your submission is tendered
My contents examined for a decision rendered
For a limited time I will fulfil my function
Eventually to return at some future junction
You may notice I'm alliterative in name
Democracy without me wouldn't be the same
by Vicky P Mize
Monday, December 30, 2002

A friend is a person whom you don't have to ask the question "are you my friend" you just know they are.

A friend will go anywhere to see you, near or far.

A friend will offer their shoulder to you when you cry.

They never let you down with a long dreadful sigh.

You can tell them anything and they understand

They reach out to you, take your hand.

They lead you down the path called life stand with you through your pain and strife.

You know that friendship will never fade.

They are your sunshine and shade.
Dedicated to my good friend Alison


I can be created by humans, But they cannot control me. I suck on wood, paper and flesh alike. I can be more of a hindrance than help at times. To my creators, I seem to be everywhere at once. What am I?


Who had a dream at Bethel about angels on a stairway (or ladder) from earth to heaven?

Who had a dream about the sun, moon, and stars bowing down before him?

"I knew I was going to take the wrong train, so I left early."

Yogi Berra
April 12, 1861
Confederate forces opened fire on Fort Sumter in Charleston Harbor, South Carolina, beginning the Civil War.
April 17, 1861
The Virginia Convention voted for an Ordinance of Secession by a margin of 88 to 55. 29 of the 46 delegates from present West Virginia, including John Carlile, voted against se cession. A provision was made that voters be allowed to make the final decision on May 23. Also, on April 17, the Convention passed an ordinance calling volunteers into military service. On the evening of the 17th, Chester D. Hubbard and Sherard Clemens of Ohio County, Carlile of Harrison County, Marshall M. Dent of Monongalia County, John S. Burdette of Taylor County, Campbell Tarr of Brooke County, and George McC. Porter of Hancock County left town for fear of being detained. Upon returning to Clarksburg, Carlile wrote the "Clarksburg Resolutions," calling for the formation of a nonsecessionist government of Virginia.
April 18, 1861
Union soldiers burned the United States Armory and Arsenal and Harpers Ferry, Jefferson County, shortly before the town was captured by Confederate troops.
April 18, 1861
Western Virginia delegates Waitman T. Willey, William G. Brown, and James Burley, all of whom voted against secession were detained in Richmond until obtaining passes from the governor.
April 19, 1861
John Carlile walked out of the Richmond Convention in protest of the pro-secession vote; upon returning to Clarksburg, he wrote the "Clarksburg Resolutions," calling for the formation of a nonsecessionist government of Virginia
April 20, 1861
Northwest Virginia delegates walked out of the Virginia secession convention. Source:Clagg, West Virginia Historical Almanac, p. 52
April 22, 1861
Delegates opposed to Virginia's secession met in Clarksburg. The meeting, arranged by John Carlile of Harrison County, authorized the First Wheeling Convention to convene on May 13. Source: Clagg, West Virginia Historical Almanac, p. 53.
April 26, 1861
Confederate supporters met in Clarksburg and denounced the "Clarksburg Resolutions" established by western Virginia pro-Unionists. Source: Clagg, West Virginia Historical Almanac, p. 54.
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