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January 2013

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January 2013


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The Postal Service will hold a meeting to answer questions and provide additional information about POST Plan. At the meeting, local management will share the results of the survey and answer questions. Although survey results will be known and shared, the Postal Service will not make a final decision regarding this office until after the public meeting. This will enable the Postal Service to obtain all community input and opinions, from both the surveys and the meeting before making a final decision.

Below are the options that the Postal Service is considering.

1. KKeep the office open, based on actual office workload. In the case of ROWLESBURG PO, hours would be reduced from 8 hours each weekday to 6 hours per weekday. Current Saturday hours will not change as a result of POST Plan and access to your delivery receptacles will not be impacted by POST Plan.

Conduct a discontinuance study for the office and offer roadside mailbox delivery. Retail and delivery service would be provided through a rural carrier. Mail delivery points will be established and customers can purchase most postal services through the carrier or other alternate access points..

Conduct a discontinuance study for the office and find a suitable alternative location operated by a contractor, usually at a local business. When businesses are found that meet the criteria, these establishments are contracted through the U.S. Postal Service and offer stamps and flat rate products with service hours generally more expansive than what the local Post Office will be able to offer.

Conduct a discontinuance study for the office and provide P.O. Box service via another nearby Post Office and relocate P.O. Box delivery to that Post Office.
MEETING DATE: 01/10/2013
MEETING PLACE: Community Center
44 Poplar St
Rowlesburg, WV 26425


The Upper Cheat Crime Watch held its monthly Meeting on Wednesday, December 5 at 7:00 in the Rowlesburg Community Building.

The minutes of the November meeting were read without additions or corrections. Mayor Schollar moved to accept the minutes and was seconded by Betty Bell. Betty Bell ordered new Crime Watch to be placed in other strategic locations such as Salt Lick and Green Valley. Bruce will reimburse expenditures from the treasury. In an effort to get more publicity for our group, President McNeil suggested a motion to print and distribute flyers advertising upcoming meetings. The motion was made by Betty Bell and seconded by Mayor Schollar. All were in favor. Mayor Schollar made a motion not to purchase a new post office box and was seconded by Brenda Mayne. Possibilities for future talks were entertained such as information about taxes, views on home confinement and what a road deputy actually does. On Friday December 28 at the Preston County Courts Building, Dan Loughrie will be officially sworn in as Sheriff at 1:30. Communication for future meeting will be via E Mail as well as signs being put up at various town locations.

President McNeil made a motion to adjourn the meeting and was seconded by Bruce. The meeting adjourned at 7:25. The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday January 9 at 7:00 in the Rowlesburg Community Building. The featured speaker will be Sheriff Dan Loughrie, who will present his vision for continuing to win the battle against crime in Preston County. Please come to this exciting and informative talk.

As always, our group appreciates your attendance and support.


The Rowlesburg Gym will continue to be open on Saturdays from 10-12. Any other time can be arranged by calling Bruce Simon 304-454-9299. Get in shape during the winter months. Our gym boasts a wide variety of weight training and strengthening equipment. As always, the price cannot be beat and the benefits are lasting.December 5, at 7:00 in the Rowlesburg Community Building. As always, the public is invited to attend.


Susan has created a new project for the New Year:

A hand-building pottery class to make a slab-build heart-shaped box will be held on Saturday, January 5, from 9 a.m. to noon at the Szilagyi Center in Rowlesburg. Fee: $30.

Contact the instructor, Susan Ramey of Ridgetop Pottery, at 304-329-1883 or email susan@ridgetoppottery.com to register.


class="sansSerifIndent">Santa visited with children and their parents for an hour in Rowlesburg Park for “Christmas in the Park on December 15th. This has been an annual event put on by the Rowlesburg Park Commission. It was enjoyed by many again this year


Rowlesburg VFD once again hosted the Christmas Eve Celebration at our station. A big thanks to all who came out to celebrate the holidays with us. We had approximately 50 children show up to see Santa. Afterwards, our "Redneck Camo Santa" went out in the community to give treats to some of those adults who had been extra good this year!

Congratulations to Douglas Starcher, Isac Hixenbaugh and Andy Nesci who were our winners in the coloring contest.

The cake decorating winners were Kim Felton, David Wagner and Daphne Burns. Thanks to all who participated. We hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and that 2013 brings you much happiness!


Mayor Margaret Schollar announced that there had been generous donations to the food pantry owing to Superstorm Sandy’s visit. Two donations of $500


Candidate filing period. - A Certificate of Announcement must be received by the filing officer or post marked by January 26, 2013. Certificates of Announcement filed prior to January 14, 2013 cannot be accepted.

Filing is in the town hall during this period.

The deadline for candidates to withdraw and to have their name taken off of the ballot is by February 12. Postmarks do not qualify, it must be in the office during office hours on the 12th.

Other information on elections can be found on the Secretary of State official web site.

A list of those that filed for office will appear in the March Newsletter.


The VFW Post 3008 Jr. Girls were busy during the month of December. To start off their holiday season, they made and filled out almost 200 Christmas Cards for Wounded Warriors in WV, Walter Reed Hospital and the Clarksburg VA.

We also sold tickets for our fundraiser, for Glamour Shots. We had a good turn out. Thanks to those who helped sell or buy ticket


First row Gabby, Shawna, Shanda, Lindsay and Annie, back row is Kaleena, kitara, Alissia, Ayla and Shiona and the Christmas Tree they decorated.



Thirty-four Lions and their guests celebrated Christmas at the VFW Dinning Room. They enjoyed a dinner served by the VFW Auxillary.

Karen and Randy Thomas entertained the group with a variety of Christmas Songs.

The next meeting will be January 8, 2013.


On Thursday December 20th the VFW Auxiliary 3008 served Christmas Dinner to the Cheat River Limestone workers by candlelight when the storm took out the electricity.

This was the second time this year that the VFW has served a meal after the electricity has been interrupted by the weather.


Remember the regular Ambu-lance Bingo Games the first Friday, January 4th and the Regular monthly meeting on the second Thursday January 10th at 7pm.

Hope to see you there!

To rent the building please call Scott or T at 304-454-9602


The tragedy in Connecticut has caused grief through the land. It has been suggested that we all do 26 acts of kindness in memory of those slain. Then to post those acts on twitter or facebook.

I would suggest that we not count our acts of kindness nor report them. It would be better to treat each and everyone we meet with politeness and respect. It is through respect for each other that we will find peace.

We do not have to post any acts of kindness, the news will spread without us beating our chests and saying “Look how good I am, look what I have done”.

Rather let us go peacefully on our way doing as we should and pass on each act of kindness we receive. Let them grow like a snowball rolling downhill gathering on its way.

Perhaps it will grow to such a size that it will squash acts of ill will and show that politeness and respect to those we meet will spread throughout our area and goodwill will abound.

The best thing to give to your enemy is forgiveness; to an opponent, tolerance; to a friend, your heart; to your child, a good example; to a father, deference; to your mother, conduct that will make her proud of you; to yourself, respect; to all men, charity

Benjamin Franklin

The Road Not Taken

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth;

Then took the other, as just as fair,
And having perhaps the better claim
Because it was grassy and wanted wear,
Though as for that the passing there
Had worn them really about the same,

And both that morning equally lay
In leaves no step had trodden black.
Oh, I marked the first for another day!
Yet knowing how way leads on to way
I doubted if I should ever come back.

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I,
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

Robert Frost

For the events calendar, please click here.





Wheeling Daily Intelligencer
January 3, 1863

Our Great New Year's Gift.
New Year's Day was made truly and perpetually memorable to the people of West Virginia by the act of the President of the United States signing their new State bill, and thus making it forever an un-repeal able law on the statute book of the nation.

The glorious news reached this city about eleven A. M., New Year's Day, through the following dispatch to Gov. Pierpont, from that faithful laborer in the cause, Hon. Jacob Blair:

Washington, Jan. 1, 1863. To Governor F. H. Peirpoint: - I have just returned from the President. He has made memorable to the people of West Virginia the first day of the New Year by signing the new State bill. I saw his signature to the bill. Let all the people rejoice! J. B. Blair.

Within a very few moments after the dispatch was received, we had it in print, in an extra, but faster than extras flew the glorious tidings through the city. People gathered in the streets and the word passed like electricity from mouth to mouth. In an hour every body seemed to know it, and the streets beamed with joyous groups of people exchanging hearty and happy congratulations over the glorious event of the New Year. The old cannon was again brought out, as on the evening of the day the bill passed Congress, and again the hills and dells of our grand old river valley were made to wake the echoes that told the joy of a people made free. New Year's Day was peculiarly New Year's Day no longer. It turned into a new State holiday, and even the boys on the streets hurrahed for West Virginia.

The news was sent off into the interior and there, even more than here, it produced great excitement and great rejoicing among the people. Weston, the county seat of Lewis, was the first to send back her greetings, which she did in the following dispatch.

Weston, January 1st, 1863. Gov. F. H. Pierpont: Our town is brilliantly illuminated tonight. The crack of musketry is reverberating from hill to hill. All is hilarity in honor of the new State.[Signed] P. M. Hale. And so the news came from all quarters. Wherever the news could penetrate the people were in ecstasies, as well they might be. A great suspense had been lifted from off their minds. Their long forebodings and apprehensions, engendered and fostered by many rumors, banished at once and forever, and the reaction that came on was glorious. Never were a people more delighted with a New Years' gift, for never did a people have such a one before.

The President of the United States has doubly endeared himself to the people of West Virginia by this act of his, which frees them from the bonds of their ancient oppressors; and brings to them at last the realization of their long ago dreams and the deferred hopes of two generations. The President's name will henceforth be canonized by the people of West Virginia as the redeemer of their country and themselves, and the act that he has signed will be read and commented each recurring New Year's Day, in coming ages, as has been and will ever be, the Declaration of Independence on the fourth of each July, and a grateful people will forever say, "God bless Abraham Lincoln!"

Wheeling Daily Intelligencer
January 6, 1863

Reported Battle at Moorefield Hardy County --- Senator Carskadon, who arrived last evening from New Creek reports that the rebels attacked our forces under Col. (Vauborn?)

Saturday Morning and the fighting was going on during Saturday and Sunday. During the whole of Saturday cannonading was distinctly heard at New Creek. We had a small force stationed at Petersburg, north of Moorefield. This force was sent to the New Creek and the baggage train came by way of a mountain road and reached New Creek Sunday. On Saturday night Col. Mulligan, at the head of his brigade left New Creek for Moorefield reaching that place on Sunday evening. It was reported that the Union forces had driven the rebels a distance of four miles and were still pursuing them.

The rebels were commanded by Imboden and Jenkins. Gen. Milroy was at Winchester.

There was considerable excitement at New Creek on Sunday night. The Soldiers there slept upon their arms and skirmishers were sent out. This precaution was taken in consequence of the report brought by those in charge of the wagon train from Petersburg that they had been pursued by a large body of Rebel Cavalry.

If you would like to know about other actions in the Civil War more information about the Civil War can be found at the West Virginia Culture and History web site.


I am a wind instrument. (Hint: A musician must blow air through me in order to produce a sound.)I am proud to be named after a famous conductor and composer. Even though you often see me in a marching band, I was invented to be used in a concert band setting. In order to create a specific look on the football field, I sometimes wear a "sock."

My "cousins" are the Tuba and the Helicon. I usually only see them on holidays and we always fight over the mashed potatoes. I am a __________________.

Homonym Sentences

The blanks in the following sentences will be filled in with three different homonyms (words that are spelled differently but sound alike) to make valid sentences. The dashes indicate the number of letters in the words. Can you fill in the blanks?

1. The cut on his _ _ _ _ won't _ _ _ _ in time for the race, so _ _ '_ _ have to drop out."

"2. The man was so upset about being _ _ _ _ that he regularly _ _ _ _ _ _ himself up on the bed and _ _ _ _ _ _ his eyes out.

3. I couldn't _ _ _ _ _ any of the _ _ _ _ _ _ in the flower shop, because for some strange reason I had 50 _ _ _ _ _ crammed up my nose.

4. A bloodthirsty pirate will wander the _ _ _ _ and essentially _ _ _ _ _ everything he _ _ _ _.

You fill in the blank

Here lies Sam Shay.
Smoked six packs a day.
He started smoking when he was three.
Now he's buried beneath a ______

Yankee Doodle went to town
riding on a chicken.
He went into a restaurant
and came out finger ____________

My Shadow
Robert Louis Stevenson

I have a little shadow that goes in and out with me,
And what can be the use of him is more than I can see.
He is very, very like me from the heels up to the head;
And I see him jump before me, when I jump into my bed.
The funniest things about him is the way he likes to grow-
Not at all like proper children, which is always very slow;
For he sometimes shoots up taller like an India rubber ball,
And he sometimes gets so little that there's none of him at all.

He hasn't got a notion of how children ought to play,
And can only make a fool of me in every sort of way.
He stays so close beside me, he's a coward you can see;
I'd think shame to stick to nursie as that shadow sticks to me!

One morning, very early, before the sun was up,
I rose and found the shining dew on every buttercup;
But my lazy little shadow, like an arrant sleepy-head,
Had stayed at home behind me and was fast asleep in bed.


As the school year was progressing, a teacher was distressed that more and more of her students were beginning to tease and make fun of one another. She decided to do something about it. When they returned to the classroom after Spring Break, they saw a mirror on the wall with a sign next to it. When one of the students came to her crying about the names she had been called at recess, she sent the girl to the mirror with these directions: Read that sign quietly to yourself. Repeat it over and over, gradually running the sounds together. Each time, look at yourself in the mirror. Soon you will be smiling.

Sure enough, when the student followed these directions, she came away smiling.

Each time a student would come to the teacher feeling low, she would give them the same directions. Sometimes they would have difficulty, so she would go over to read the sign with them. Eventually, each one would come away smiling.

This is what the sign said: I.Y.Q.Y.Q.R.

Why did this little exercise help her students feel better about themselves

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